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TF OC OTA (closed)

Sun May 20, 2018, 5:54 AM

I'm selling Oen.

I can't connect with her anymore and I barely use her at all so I'm selling her.  

Oen 2.0 Ref by Lumen-Terra

You can offer me anything for her, points, art, whatever-- except paypal. 
Once you got her you can do anything you want with her. Redesign her? Why not. Rename her and give her a new backstory? Go ahead. Ship her? Totally fine. 

I'm feeling the tag-aster today

Wed Apr 18, 2018, 1:30 PM
First ProphetofPrimes and now MessyArtwok?! I'm feeling the aster you two. 
I'm loved! xD
1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5. Don't say, ''You're tagged if you read this."


  1. My favorite color is blue
  2. I pretend to be Superman in front of a fan or in the car
  3. I  wear glasses but I don't necessarily need them
  4. I'm a dork apparently
  5. I love apple pie and vanilla ice cream
  6. When I  was little and I broke something I blamed some imaginary termites
  7. Action, sci-fi and dark mystery are my three favorite genres
  8. I'm a momma's boy
  9. Everyone knows I have a bad temper
  10. I have a inbuilt gemstone-finding-radar
  11. I'm a very good swimmer even though I don't like water that much
  12. I don't have a constant art style
  13. I do yoga

I'm splitting the questions between Prophet and Peaches here. Answering 26 of them is too much typing for me.
1. About how tall is the tallest person you know / have met?
2.17 meters. He's the brother of a former classmate.

2. What's one bug species you'd like to rid the world of?
Easy-  the woodlouse. These things are creepy!

3. Is winter over yet?
Where I live, yes.

4. Have you ever been to an amusement park? Which one(s)?
I've been to a few local ones but these are small. 

5. What are you most excited for right now?
Young Justice season 3. Definitely. Yes yes.

6. Any summer plans?
Maybe? I can't tell here or else I'd ruin the surprise. 

7. What's the most interesting pet you've ever owned?
I'm not sure what's interesting but I have been snake-sitting for my neighbor a few times.


If you had $1,000,000 given to you with no catch or conditions – what would you do with it?
I'd make sure my family is well cared for and most of it would go to a save spot for hard times. Then after that I might take 1.000 or so and buy things I've always wanted but I won't fire all of it away to get useless things.

9. Given the choice between living in Alaska or Hawaii – where would you rather live and why?
Hawaii! I don't even have to think about that. I'm like a plant- I like it sunny and I like the beach. Not too many know that I can surf as well.

10. Coffee or tea?
One black coffee to go please.

11. When you picture the man/woman of your dreams – who do you see?
Someone who stands with me until the end of the world. Someone like OpethHunter-Predacon.

12. What is your biggest ‘pet-peeve’?
When people who don't deserve it get popular and then everyone just blindly follows them and ignores all flaws the new idol has. It's even worse if that person is a stubborn and rude person that doesn't care for their fans at all if it doesn't benefit them. So summed up my biggest pet peeve is being selfish and | or ignorant.

13. What’s the most inspiring thing that someone has ever said to you?
It's a phrase I've seen online once.
"The risk I took was calculated but damn I'm bad at math." 
Live long. Live loud. Live wild and enjoy it. Better say sorry later than never do it at all.

and since I am so bad at math I'm not tagging anyone. Everyone I know who likes tags like this has already been tagged or is too busy. This "you have to tag someone" rule is getting on my nerves anyway. 

TF OCs For Sale (not mine)

Sun Apr 15, 2018, 4:16 AM

Do you want a new OC? 

Do you want super nice quality for a tiny price? 

Then this SALE is for you!

Kat-O-strophic is still selling her old characters so be quick and buy now or else they are sold before you can get one! 

This is a special chance so buy now! 

The user Kat-O-strophic is selling a Transformers OC.

The full amount of money paid for him and all the art he comes with is worth over 200$ BUT she's giving him away for only 25$ or 1.600 :points:.

All additional art included of course.
That's over 80% you can save here!

Arrow Right Blue    wolf OC for sale made by Chibi-wave by Kat-O-strophic Arrow Left Blue  
This is the guy. A original design that fits perfectly into the show.

Look at how sad he looks here. Come on. Have a heart and give him a new nice home. You know you can do that. Dancing dummy 

::Contest:: April 1st Easterpranks

Thu Mar 29, 2018, 6:32 AM

Join in now! You've got nothing to lose!

Leave your best prank idea for this years 1st of April and win a prize!

To enter you just have to fill out this little form and post it in a comment below. 

The deadline is SATURDAY March 31. 23:59

Your name 
Your prank idea 
Share this journal
LINK to the ref of your OC or the character you want me to draw
I am going to prank my family this year with your ideas. For real. So please keep it possible and make sure nobody gets hurt in your ideas. The best 3 will get this:

1st Place
A 3 panel comic strip of your character doing whatever it is they do.
+ A drawing of your OC as an easteregg.

2nd Place
A traditional full body ink drawing of a character of your choice
A drawing of your OC as an easteregg.

3rd Place
A digital sticker like headshot of one character of your choice.
A drawing of your OC as an easteregg.

Good luck!

I will only give out prizes if there are more than 4 participants in this content. You may NOT leave two ideas to increase your chance of winning. I draw every kind of OC except for those that belong to people on my block list or were drawn originally by those people. I have the right to deny your submission if I don't like the OC/OCs original creator/designer. 

Centum Veritas

Sat Mar 24, 2018, 5:41 PM
Oh me, oh my! MikuParanormal has tagged me. 
You are now privileged to know some random facts about me.

1. Real Name: Luca Kade Platz

2. Nickname(s): Lu, Luzifer, Lou, Kade, Ina (by my Ma)
3. Zodiac Sign: Cancer
4. Male Or Female: Male
5. Elementary: I'm not telling...
6. Middle School: Because...
7. High School: The name's too long!
8. Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
9. Long Or Short: Short
10. Loud Or Quiet: Loud
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Sweats; Cargo Pants
12. Phone Or Camera: Camera
13. Health Freak: Not really
14. Drink Or Smoke: I vape
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yes
16. Political orientation: I don't know
17. Piercings: On my ears
18. Tattoos: Yes. However I'm not telling what and where

19. Airplane: Yes
20. Car Accident: I caused one. (I drove into our shed)
21. Fist Fight : In elementary...... Some girl got into my face and believed that boys shouldn't hit girls so she could be as nasty as she wanted. I didn't care back then. 

22. First piercing: I got my ears pierced at the same time
23. First Best Friend: The girl next door Teresa. We haven't seen each other in a long time 
24. First Instrument played: Piano, then the pipe organ 
25. First award: I got a blue ribbon for a drawing I made in preschool
26. First Crush : I can't remember her name..... 
27. First Language: German
28. First Big Vacation: 2 weeks summer holiday in Croatia

29. Last Person You Talked To: Ma
30. Last Person You Texted: A coworker
31. Last Person You Watched: Again, Ma
32. Last Food You Ate: Some grapes
33. Last Movie You Watched: Ao No Exorcist
34. Last Song You listened To: Halestorm - Bad romance cover
35. Last Thing You Bought: New pencils
36. Last Person You Hugged: Ma

37. Food: Stake
38. Drinks: Coke
39. Clothing: Black shirts. They have to have the "S" shield on it
40. Book: The lightning thief
41. Color: Black 
42. Flower: Lilacs
43: Music: Rock, Metal, Synthetic
44. Movies: Action-Adventure and 
45. Shoes : I don't have a favorite shoe type
46. Subjects: Art, Crafting

47. [] Kissed In The Snow
48. [] Celebrated Halloween 
49. [] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [x] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [x] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
52. [x] Came Outta The Closet
53. [] Gotten Pregnant
54. [] Had An Abortion
55. [x] Done Something You've Regretted 
56. [] Broke A Promise
57. [x] Kept A Secret
58. [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
59. [x] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60. [x] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [] Left The Country
62. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [] Ran A Mile
65. [] Went To The Beach
66. [] Stayed Single

67. Eating: More grapes
68. Drinking: Coke
69. Getting Ready To: Go to bed
70. Listening To: [Guns 'N Roses]
71. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Finally get some art done
72. Waiting For: The mailman. I want my new phone case!

73. Want Kids: Maybe. Although I'm sure I would need to adopt one......
74. Want To Get Married: I don't know if I can? I got kicked out of the church
75. Careers in mind: I already am a graphics designer

76. Lips Or Eyes: Eyes
77. Shorter Or Taller: A little bit smaller
78. Romantic Or Spontaneous : I want a spitfire
79. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms : I don't care
80. Sensitive Or Loud : Look at number 78
81. Hookup Or Relationship : Relationship
82. Troublemaker Or Hesitant : Troublemaker

83. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yes. I misplace mine quite often
84. Ran Away From Home: I ran to my Grandma
85. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Yes
86. Killed Somebody: Only players and NPCs in video games
87. Broken Someone's Heart: Not intentionally but yes, I did
88. Been Arrested : No

90. Yourself: Yes?
91. Miracles: I've seen some happen so.....
92. Love At First Sight: No
93. Heaven: I own Hell so I believe in heaven as well
94. Santa Claus: I never did. I was a smart kid
96. Magic: It's just science we can't figure out yet

97. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: I already have someone!
98. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: No but I'm going to fix that soon
99. Do You Believe In God: Pastafari. That's enough information 
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People:
OpethHunter-Predacon MessyArtwok Owllazuli temarcia and Mechozoi - but only if you have the time for it and want to do it. You don't have to! Really you don't!! :D

Whats your Favorite Character

Mon Feb 26, 2018, 12:27 PM

Show me all the characters you love, in any fandom !
You know, the one who gives you a pinch to the heart when you see them.

Thanks for the tag BLUEFRENCHTOAST 

1. Conner K. aka Superboy

2. Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime

3. Black Canary

Now show me your favorites!
Owllazuli OpethHunter-Predacon ProphetofPrimes MessyArtwok 
......and of course anyone who wants to do this too! 

10 things about Lux

Mon Feb 5, 2018, 10:18 AM
Another round another OC. This time I'm telling you 10 things about my clone boy Lux.
I thank Neosfusion25 for the tag! Way cool thing of you to do. :D


1) Post these rules.

2) Post a picture of your character.

3) Post ten facts about your character.

4) Tag five to ten others.

::TFP OC:: Lux - Lunar by Lumen-Terra < That's him :la:

Lux is a clone made by someone to spy on Lumen on his missions. Later on he joins the good side and tries to fit in as best as he can.

He thinks his template is annoying and stupid. He's of course far more civilized -according to himself- and he often keeps Lumen out of trouble. He claims he's the only one who can hurt his rival.

He is a rival to Lumen and acts hostile towards anyone who "steals" his attention. 

He admires Echo ( by MessyArtwok  ) and goes to great lengths to impress her. Most of the time he fails to do that but he's stubborn enough to keep trying. He's a total fanboy.

He hates his heels but is too scared to get that changed. He's afraid of medics. When he was made they used to do experiments on him so he came to hate visits to the doctors.

He has a glitch in his optics that makes him sneeze when he looks at the sun, just like many humans do.

He has a crush on someone but he won't tell anyone who that is.

When he thinks that nobody is watching him he likes to dance to pop music. He prefers K-pop and J-Pop over anything else. The little weeb. 

Lux's name is Latin and has the same meaning as Lumen's. The guys who made screwed that up and when they noticed it was already too late.

He cuddles with his own cape. When you ask him about it he denies that and says he hates capes but secretly he loves it. He just doesn't want to be like Lumen. 

Sooooo what do you think of him?

10 things about Lumen

Sun Jan 21, 2018, 9:22 AM
Yaasss! Finally I got tagged again. I was almost scared people around here had forgotten me. *sigh* 
LogicalConclusions tagged me!! :D

1) Post these rules.

2) Post a picture of your character.

3) Post ten facts about your character.

4) Tag five to ten others.

And just in time to show off my baby boy's new look, sweet!
Lumen 5.0 Ref sheet by Lumen-Terra< his TFP looks  -  His TFA looks >  TFA Lu by Lumen-Terra

1 (TFA) 
Since he tends to lose his cape very often I decided to not even draw it in his new ref. Instead I showed off his wings (which can fold into themselves). 

2 (TFP)
This version of him loves Rock music above all else. He almost crashed a shuttle into a tower because he had turned the music too loud to hear the cops after he ran out of  a mission briefing. This was later called "crashmaggedon" and shall never be spoken of again. 

3 (TFP)
Lu's a sweet tooth. Regardless what planet he's on he always goes for the sweets. He has had bad stomach aches because of that habit but he doesn't care. 

4 (TFA) 
He has problems with Sari. The way the team just took her in makes him suspicious and a bit envious. He'S not sure if it's sympathy for his cousin or something else entirely but he can't forgive that everyone besides Optimus treated her badly after her change instead of accepting her like they did with the human-hybrid. 

Both versions of him have met before and spoken to each other. They also noticed that they don't get along very well. 

His armor is in fact not entirely black. It's more like a dark glossy grey with a fain blue shimmer but since it's so hard to see he's said to be colored black. This way he can blend into the shadows on covert missions. 

He has 3 main abilities, one strong attack, one weak attack and one speed boost. Each of them need extra much energy to pull off and have cool-down times. His favorite is the weak attack: Taser Needles- which uses concentrated light particles which he then releases in a spear like fashion. 

8 (TFP)
When I made Lu I used two things as inspiration for him; Light and Lucifer. If you look carefully enough you can see what I mean in his bio, backstory and design. Later I added some Superman's cape into the mix. 
Note: If anyone has noticed this before tell me! xD

9 (TFA) 
He loves to piss off Sentinel with jokes and false reports, much to the amusement of the rest of the fleet. Magnus has put him into the brig more times than both care to count because of this. 

I had wanted to make a spin-off story before where Lumen became a Prime and everything went to the pit afterwards. It was supposed to be mostly satire but still way cool but then I scrapped the idea. Who needs to be a Prime to be cool anyway? It would make him something he isn't. 

That's it! Yea I did it. :dummy: 

Can you write something like this for your own OCs please?
a-paranoid-android Owllazuli gUttER-mEch

OpethHunter-Predacon (I know you were tagged by that real life Shockwave but please make a journal for us!)

Critique and advice

Tue Jan 16, 2018, 3:14 PM
I've been bugged by this for a while now. So many out there are literally scared to death by both critique and advice. Even if it's worded like golden sunshine those people don't want it for very different reasons.

Why am I writing this now? 
Well- I want to let you know that I am not one of them. On the contrary: I am all for it. It's great to get told I suck because then I can work on it to get better. I'm not perfect, so why be a vain ass and don't take offered help? I only find it tedious to enable the request critique option every time I post a drawing. 

I  get it. Some are just here to have fun and they don't want to improve - their choice. Not mine. But stop giving critique such a bad rep. To get told that your lines are shaky or that your coloring on your favorite picture sucks should be expected when you post on what was once a serious art sharing website. Telling people to "I don't wanna get told what I can and can't do lol. Don't say anything at all!" Is childish and makes you look like a whining brat. 

This is a response to a very special Sonadow fan who I don't want to call out. You know that this is for you. That should be enough. 

  • Listening to: an idiot
  • Reading: the idiot's ramblings
  • Watching: the idiot be stupid

Rules for my Art

Sun Dec 3, 2017, 8:50 AM
Whether it's a commission or a trade- here are some rules. 

  • Do not claim the art as your own. 
  • You may trace my art but only if you credit me for the original and admit that it's traced. 
  • You can cancel your commission at any time you wish. I will refund you as soon as possible.
  • You can ask for a status report at any time. 
  • You can ask me to not watermark your commission.
  • You can repost it if you credit me and link to my DA page.
  • I have the right to decline commissions because of any reason. Even if it's personal.

Trades, Collaborations and Requests:
  • Don't rush me. My commissions always come first.
  • I can use your watermark on it if you want. Just ask.
  • You may NOT trace a AT or RQ artwork. 
  • You may also not claim it as your own even though it was made for you.
  • Please don't repost any of those images.
  • I have to right to say no if I don't want to do anything and you may not force me into doing an AT with you by drawing art for me and then expecting something in return.

  • You can resell them. Contact me so that I know my adopt has a new owner.
  • From now on all of my designs have my logo on them. Those who have not are not from me.
  • If I don't like what you do with my design (e.g make a horrific Mary Sue or sex doll/nsfw mascot out of them) I can ask you to give it back. Of course you will get your points back as well.
  • You can take my adopts as inspiration. Just don't recolor.

  • Listening to: 3 Doors Down
  • Watching: ...the snow fall
  • Eating: Apple pie
  • Drinking: Hot cocoa

Who stole my cape? ::tag game::

Sun Sep 17, 2017, 3:05 PM
Okay here's how this goes: Draw ANY hero you like -be it DC or Marvel- with Superman's cape but always draw a different hero each time so if your favorite is taken already, then sorry. You can also pick a villain if you want!

It's a funny gag @/ProphetofPrimes and I came up with and I want to turn it into a real tag now. It's all just for fun.
When you do draw them tag me and I'll put your art here in this journal so that we can all laugh at the silliness of it. :D

If you have drawn your part please tag someone else! 
AN: if you don't have the time it's also okay. Chat with me after you're done reading this. :D

My cape or my cuddle blanket by Lumen-Terra Superman has his cape. He likes it since it's a gift from his parents.
Barry... by ProphetofPrimes Barry... you stole it and the kryptonian is not happy. 
Batman wants to feel special too.. by SevLikesArt Now Batman has it because he wants to feel special too.
If you want it... by temarcia Master thief Catwoman has stolen it from the Bat. If you want it... come and get it Superman.
I got it now by Lumen-Terra And Nightwing got it now. That cape sure travels a lot... 
give the boy his cape back by frabjouss Now even Scarecrow has taken it. Give the boy his cape back already! 
sNATCHED by a-paranoid-android What the hell is Deadpool doing here?! Oh, he just snatched the cape to mess with us.
Dr Doom with Superman's cape by LogicalConclusions After Deadpool got bored we have Dr Doom with Superman's cape now. He just nicked off with it.
DC - In The Name of Magic by TheWhovianHalfling In the name of magic! It now belongs to Doctor Fate. 
Tag: Good for nothing else... by Towerte And now Deatstroke has the "good for nothing else cape". 
Tag: I am Groot! by Towerte I am Groot! (or: Let's steal the cape back into the Marvel universe
Red Hood meets Red Cape by 00Sparx00 Hey! Red Hood took it back into the DC universe and Supes doesn't look happy at all. The annoyed kryptonian is annoyed.
Dr Manhattan needs it by 00Sparx00 I guess he's tired of this game. Hey Supes, you'll get it back eventually. Besides Dr. Manhattan is going to take care of it for you.  
who stole the Cape (deaths head) by juggernot117 .....and straight back into the Marvel universe we go! The red cape makes a impressive trophy doesn't it?
Who stole my Cape...? StarFire by MikuParanormal Swapping universes again- Starfire has it now! ""W
ho knows why she did it... maybe she wanted to find out why everyone else wears capes?"" -MP </i>